@anarchotak @Stupiddayjob
i took the liberty of adding this server as an onion service on the TOR network.

you will be able to access it with the TORbrowser with this link:

be sure to add it to your bookmarks in your TORbrowser.

i also configured the server so that it uses HTTP over TOR and HTTPS over DNS, that way it won't be so much of a headache

it would be an honor of i could lend your voice for this sketch when i'm done animating it.

if there's anything need or you have any cool ideas, hit me up :daggr:

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sorry it's been so long.
i decided to start working on the animated sketch to make fun of vaush.
i think it's going to have 3 or 4 shots....
i'm really liking the direction so far.

basically it's about how vaush is a hypocrite and how everything he does is an unremarkable sham.

["Okay, everyone. Listen.
No! --
Shut up!
If you have misgivings about me or my channel, and feel like making your misgivings apparent to me.
I'm better than you."]

i've also set up a directory on my laptop for my art and animation portfolio, to help aggregate my stuff and stay organized.
maybe that's just good advice for anyone who doesn't do this

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i tried animating the character i drew the other day, just to warm up and get a bit of practice

here is a character i'm hoping to animate at some point.

his name is Aethung, which is old english for "life bane".

my drawing is getting better

i'm almost finished animating one of the characters in my first animated sketch, final fantasy vii parody.
my next sketch will be mocking vaush.
sad to announce that i noticed erica crooks left our network. :(
i hope she's doing alright.

@anarchotak if you've been working on anything, i'd be interested in helping you work on it

@anarchotak and @officialericcrooks, i was thinking that i would like to host and distribute my completed projects on webtorrent, but since nava vama involves more people than just me, i was wondering if you guys would be okay with that, it will include your work after all.

my idea is that it should help us to maintain online presence and content resiliency, should any accounts on corporate platforms be censored

, i have an idea.
what if we all got twitch accounts and started doing concurrent livestreaming sessions and voice chat with each other as we create thee assets for our content.

maybe this wouldn't have an effect on streamlining our work, but i feel like the social aspect of this idea could at the very least help me to stay more committed to my work in animation

as i promised, the :opentoonz: opentoonz emoji is now set up.

i also recommend installing opentoonz on your computers. i have it on mine.
linux is no issue, you can download the source files via git and compile them into the application.

it's professional-grade software, so please try to find out how you can use it, i know i will.

i'll still also be using :pencil2d: pencil2d, but only until i figure out how to use opentoonz and get better at animation

if you want to compile it on linux, it's honestly better to use git so the code can be updated and recompiled regularly.

the git repository can be found here

i can also try to help you guys learn how to use git if you're interested

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i just found out about another free and open-source animation studio known as OpenToonz, famously used by studio ghibli and other anime studios.

OpenToonz vanilla is available only for mac and windows (it may otherwise have to be compiled on linux).

fortunately, there is another version of it called OpenToonz Morevna Edition, which is availabe for download on linux.

i will be making emojis for both

it took forever, but i edited the gif of the dancing cat such that i could upload it to this instance as an emoji

:safa: safa

, i'll be undertaking activities to protest some anti-homeless ordinances in las vegas tomorrow, and i don't think it would be wise for me to elaborate on why, but as of tomorrow, i might end up being incommunicado for a couple days.
i'll need someone among our active users to volunteer for moderator duties while i'm away.

i'd also like for us to set up a mutual aid find for our artists here, but i'll need to appoint a volunteer for treasurer for us to do that.

step up while you can

right now i'm getting started on an animated sketch about final fantasy vii

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