sorry it's been so long.
i decided to start working on the animated sketch to make fun of vaush.
i think it's going to have 3 or 4 shots....
i'm really liking the direction so far.

basically it's about how vaush is a hypocrite and how everything he does is an unremarkable sham.

["Okay, everyone. Listen.
No! --
Shut up!
If you have misgivings about me or my channel, and feel like making your misgivings apparent to me.
I'm better than you."]

i tried animating the character i drew the other day, just to warm up and get a bit of practice

here is a character i'm hoping to animate at some point.

his name is Aethung, which is old english for "life bane".

my drawing is getting better

the animation is finished this will now be my card.

i feel ambivalent toward animation.
and i mean that not in a 'meh' sense, but in a love-dislike sort of way

my card for videos is almost finished.

i'd like to encourage you guys to create/upload your attribution cards and post them in the timeline, so people here can know how you'd like to be attributed for your work on whatever projects

when seeding torrents, whether on webtorrent and PeerTube or bittorrent and thepiratebay, remember to protect yourself.

please use and donate to RiseupVPN regularly

this poster will be the first work in the stack.

it advocates a way of enabling users to access videos on peertube's network more consistently and efficiently by seeding on your webtorrent client, and by doing it with videos that are worth seeding.

is a general topic, and not a definitive or serial project

here's a little piece to showcase my drawing abilities.
an animation that i will plan to have as my personal attribution card is forthcoming.

you are all encouraged to showcase your work and strongly encouraged to create your own attribution cards.

the second image, however is this instance's general attribution card to be used on an official basis [see the "about" page for guidelines on its use]

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