sorry it's been so long.
i decided to start working on the animated sketch to make fun of vaush.
i think it's going to have 3 or 4 shots....
i'm really liking the direction so far.

basically it's about how vaush is a hypocrite and how everything he does is an unremarkable sham.

["Okay, everyone. Listen.
No! --
Shut up!
If you have misgivings about me or my channel, and feel like making your misgivings apparent to me.
I'm better than you."]

i'm almost finished animating one of the characters in my first animated sketch, final fantasy vii parody.
my next sketch will be mocking vaush.
sad to announce that i noticed erica crooks left our network. :(
i hope she's doing alright.

@anarchotak if you've been working on anything, i'd be interested in helping you work on it

@anarchotak and @officialericcrooks, i was thinking that i would like to host and distribute my completed projects on webtorrent, but since nava vama involves more people than just me, i was wondering if you guys would be okay with that, it will include your work after all.

my idea is that it should help us to maintain online presence and content resiliency, should any accounts on corporate platforms be censored

right now i'm getting started on an animated sketch about final fantasy vii

@officialericcrooks @anarchotak we should work on some sketches, and lend each other our voices.

we could use
:pencil2d: Pencil2D or
:blender: Blender

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i have a really old serial video project called "Nava Vāma" that only had one installment.

i think at this point i'd like to resurrect it as a variety show featuring short sketches created by you guys and myself.

i guess it had to be me to kick off our commons' first collaborative project.

the project's timeline will be stationed here at .

please submit your sketch to have it compiled into current installments

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