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@anarchotak seems to be under a lot of pressure lately, so let's take our time on our project.

in the mean time, i'm thinking of doing a sketch to make fun of vaush

"slur.... now laugh"

@officialericcrooks @anarchotak we should work on some sketches, and lend each other our voices.

we could use
:pencil2d: Pencil2D or
:blender: Blender

i have a really old serial video project called "Nava Vāma" that only had one installment.

i think at this point i'd like to resurrect it as a variety show featuring short sketches created by you guys and myself.

i guess it had to be me to kick off our commons' first collaborative project.

the project's timeline will be stationed here at .

please submit your sketch to have it compiled into current installments

i have added custom emoji for tool icons

:gimp: :krita: :pencil2d: :blender: :lightworks:

you can add them into your profile to let other users know about your tools and skills.

if you'd like me to add more, please let me know about them.

PS: please follow the hashtag for announcements and content promotion

i think it's also a good idea for us to scour the internet for good multimedia tools and tutorials.

i'm currently trying to learn animation with an open-source utility called Pencil2D. it's like a digital interface for imitating cel-style animation.

i'll try to find good tutorials for it if anyone else is interested in learning animation

NEW RANT about mastodon's potential as a platform for more human connections, reduced harm and footprints, and most importantly for collaboration and democracy in productive projects.

@emerican, i think you may be interested in this premise, if you would like to move forward with setting up a mastodon instance, i could be of assistance

@officialericcrooks i know you're really active here and i applaud you for it. i'm starting to i can count on you to spread the bread. and i've been thinking of promoting you to moderator status. if you're not ready to start now, then please let me know when you will be

@everyone (lol) i'm trying to get ready to set up a peertube instance for our network.
this is going to be a costly endeavor, so i'm trying to show people that i have a liberapay profile for donations, and my funding goal is $10/week to get this PeerTube project rolling without a hitch, and to keep this mastodon instance running without a care in the world.
please spread the word

welcome, @TacticalOreos, @nokko, @Stupiddayjob, and @anarchotak. please give an of yourselves, your interests, and your aptitudes.
hopefully we can work together on each other's projects

i just set up a youtube channel for content created by members of this instance.

if you have a video you'd like me to upload that channel, please post the hashtag '' for "upload request"

i have an idea for a propaganda poster. i don't wanna spoil the details, but let's just say that the scene will involve a burning building and a fire department grossly mishandling the situation, to demonstrate the folly of SOME people's ideas 

if you know any anarchist artists looking to participate in colloborative platforms like this one, please reach out to them and invite them to join.

as far as i'm aware, this mastodon instance is the first and only of its kind.
i'm emotionally invested in the scope of this instance -- i cried my eyes out today over how this instance, despite my efforts, has been languishing in obscurity.
i don't want my endeavors to die like this.

please reach out to our fellow artists.
ask them to join

i'm feeling miserable today.
this instance is practically barren.
please invite people to join this instance.
this instance's aim is to embrace a collaborative model in producing and distributing art and propaganda.

if anyone is working on a project to which they'd like others to contribute, please make a hashtag with your project's name, and others may use that hashtag to announce or critique contributions to the project, or to announce its completion for publication

reminder that I have a Patreon for my overproduced youtube videos about anime, leftism, and queer shit that I was crazy enough to risk ruining my life for and would appreciate donations if you like that I exist and am making those things

when seeding torrents, whether on webtorrent and PeerTube or bittorrent and thepiratebay, remember to protect yourself.

please use and donate to RiseupVPN regularly

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