Terms of Service


Messages containing or promoting the following ideas/conduct are grounds for account termination: - Anarcho-Capitalism
- Conservatism/Pro-Capitalism
- Nazism / Fascism
- Nazbol
- Misogyny/Rape
- Racism
- Xenophobia
- Homophobia
- Transphobia
- Enbyphobia
- Other forms of hate/reactionary crimes/speech
- Conspiracy to commit crimes (Making open announcements or calls to other users of undertaking criminal acts, or strategizing on ways of committing such acts with apparent intent to commit them. Exceptions may be made for crimes that we might consider honorable, but be wiser about it.)

All users are STRONGLY discouraged from undertaking reactionary conduct and collaborating with reactionaries, and disregarding this warning will be considered grounds for expulsion. If any artists here are shown, during suspension of their account, or at any other time, to have any known, deliberate, and ongoing engagements in reactionary conduct or connections with these reactionary operatives, their accounts will be deleted without notice, and their email and IP addresses will be blacklisted, as well as those of their repugnant associates.

The following acts are PRESUPPOSED AS DELIBERATE AND ONGOING, and as such are grounds for IMMEDIATE account deletion UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES:
- Sending sexually charged messages or images to minors
- Soliciting sexually charged images/acts from minors


The following behaviors are grounds for account suspension:
- Harassment (Sexual or Otherwise)
- Other behaviors described above as above, when not shown to be deliberate or ongoing (vis-a-vis, recidivism will place the user in question under suspicion of it being deliberate and ongoing).
- Posting NSFW content without using a content warning, or without marking it as senseitive.
- Persistently leveraging account toward uses that are discouraged in user guidelines and etiquette.
suspensions may only be lifted by satisfactory appeals indicating why those behaviors/connections are wrong, and how the users in question will take personal actions and steps to make things right and avoid undertaking such conduct and connections in the future.

Repeated offenses of harassment will be treated as grounds for termination at the third offense.


Users are encouraged to let others know about the tools they use, their particular aptitudes, and also their thoughts, misgivings, and ideas for assets being presented. Our stance here is that democratic consultation and amendments before completion and publication are far more productive and amicable than multitudes of critiques after publishing a rough work. Similarly, collaboration and democracy can create products of higher quality and general appeal that are less harmful than projects undertaken persistently on an individual basis. Please do not work alone while you're here, you are here because you want to work TOGETHER.

You may announce a project you are working on with the hashtag ( e.g. '#Project' ), with information on your project's subject matter, specifications on your desired assets for this project, the types of skillsets you think you'd need (e.g. video editor, animator, writer, voice actor, etc.), and if any, particular individuals you would like to have working with you on the project.
It may also be nice to have your project specifications accompanied with scripts, sketches, screenplays, to help establish a firm understanding of your project's blueprint.

Once the project tag is posted, others may contribute sounds and music, videos and animations, photos and drawings, and artistic assets by posting them with your project's tag for review.

All users are invited to state their praises and misgivings to any and all tagged projects and all proposed contributions thereto before publication, particularly in a constructive format, by making suggestion. All users are advised to consider the misgivings of others.
This is a relatively secluded space, and naturally, all critiques that are authored within this space are occurring BEFORE the projects in question are completed, let alone released to the wider public, so NO, you aren't being 'cancelled' just because some people had misgivings with your work.
You came here wanting to work with others through democratic processes and conduct, so f!@#ing own it.

Attribution Etiquette

All projects undertaken internally within Giggleplex.Red are to display the commons' "general attribution card".

We would like all our artists to design their own cards indicating that they have contributed to any project for personal attribution, and to showcase their talents. All artists are encouraged to insist that their personal attribution cards are displayed in projects, both within and outside Giggleplex.Red, containing their work.

If the artists in question have contributed to projects conducted outside our commons on a personal, they should ask if it would be okay to have Giggleplex.Red's general attribution card displayed the final product, as other artists here might not want to be associated with it.
If you're not gonna ask, don't do it. If you're in doubt, don't do it.
If the okay is given, the project is to be treated as an official collaboration, and is to display the general attribution card as such.

If many artists in our commons have seen fit to collaborate in outside project, and there are no misgivings with the project or its originators, please request them to display our general attribution card in the final product, and all of the personal attribution cards of the contributors

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